HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Matthew Adams of HostDodge

Today we have the honor to speak with Mr. Matthew Adams, the owner of HostDodge, and learn more about their success story.

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We always start our interviews with some background of our interlocutor and then a bit more about the company. What is your experience in the hosting industry? When did it all start?

My experience in the hosting industry started in late 2010 when the idea for HostDodge began. I was a junior in high school and had been experimenting with LAMP stacks for a while. I really enjoyed managing the server but I had no ideas for websites. So instead I decided I would just sell access to my server.


When did you start HostDodge? From where did you get the idea to start a web hosting company, and what were the challenges that you faced along the way?

I originally started HostDodge in 2010, but I never actually found any success until 2016. It started with an old Desktop computer that I had laying around. I got a Static IP address from my ISP and went to it. The biggest challenge I have encountered and still encounter is marketing. The web hosting industry is overpopulated and finding ways to stand out is difficult.


What are the main products and services that you are offering?

We focus a great deal on managed cloud instances for businesses like web design firms and developers. We also offer pretty great shared hosting packages which are very far from overpopulated and are powered by Google Cloud and Cloudflare. This basically just means page loading times are crazy fast.


Can you tell us a bit more about cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is pretty cool. From the beginning of the web hosting industry, if you had a website on the internet, it was running on one server in a data center somewhere. If that server or anything that is providing power or data to that server has a problem, your website goes down. If you need more server resources like storage or processing power, you had to take your site down to manually upgrade the components in that server. Cloud hosting makes that process so much easier while also greatly improving server uptime.


Customers care about the speed, backup, and security of their websites, among other things. How is HostDodge handling customers’ specific needs and requests?

The security that is used to secure your site is very important. Websites these days not only store user information like usernames and passwords, but in many cases a token that allows the users’ credit card to be charged on behalf of your company, order history, cookie data, you name it! Our sole effort on our customers behalf is not only to keep their site up, but to keep it theirs. We run multiple daily updates as well as run anti malware software on all of our servers. As well as offering things like multi factor authentication.

We run backups multiple times a week for all of our customers automatically and will restore a backup on request if needed at no charge.

Another giant problem in the web hosting industry is overloading shared servers. We keep our servers far from overloaded. We closely monitor site activity and traffic patterns of our customers. When we feel they have outgrown the usefulness of shared cloud hosting and should move on to a managed dedicated cloud instance we not only suggest it, but because their traffic and popularity grew with us, we also give them a steep discount for the first year of hosting to show our appreciation.


In your opinion, what are the most important features of one web hosting provider?

It’s difficult to talk about features when it comes to web hosting companies. We all have very similar business models and practices. It’s very difficult to find notable differences between hosts sometimes. We feel we stand out because of our focus on cloud hosting in particular. Cloud hosting provides the most modern approach to web hosting to date and continues to blow single datacenter operations out of the water.

Another very important “feature” would be customer service. We are still a small company, I know most all of my customers in some personal way. I know their passions and what drives them to keep building their projects and businesses. I know where their strengths are, and how to help them with their gaps in experience or knowledge, and I put every ounce of energy I have into helping our customers in any way I possibly can to help provide the best experience possible.


What new products and technologies do you find interesting that you might consider introducing next to your customers?

I would love to start providing a business cloud like experience built right into our regular hosting service. So that small companies can get a nice email, file sharing and collaboration system right from the beginning. I feel it would give everyone a head start in the efficiency that cloud services can provide to a new business.


A lot of companies are introducing cryptocurrencies as a paying method for their hosting products and services. What is your opinion about this matter, and do you think that this payment method is good for the hosting industry?

I am a big believer in cryptocurrencies and a proud acceptor of crypto. I think crypto is a great payment method anywhere that businesses accept it as it allows, in many cases, a near anonymous payment method for privacy centric businesses and individuals. Any way you can find just a little bit of privacy in this crazy world has a big thumbs up from me!


Where do you see HostDodge in the next 5 years?

We are slowly finding ourselves moving in the direction of managed IT services for small businesses. Many of our customers require this service and have a hard time finding a company they trust to manage their IT-related needs. We have enjoyed it and I can foresee us further pushing into that industry in the next few years.


Finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

I know there are literally thousands of choices for a web hosting provider. What makes us different is the focus that you will get as our customer. It’s a very personal experience and we are fully focused on what you need for your web services to succeed and whatever we can do to help further you down that path. If anybody has any questions about how HostDodge can help you, please feel free to email me at and I will help talk you through whatever you need help with, even if that means I have to point you in another direction to a company that does something better than us.