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HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Jon Penland of Kinsta

Running a successful WordPress website means that you need to have a great hosting solution like Kinsta. We have the honor to speak with Mr. Jon Penland from Kinsta and learn more about their products and services.

We hope that you will learn as much as we did.

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You have been on the hosting market for more than 8 years now. What is the story behind Kinsta and its beginnings?

Kinsta was founded by a group of four entrepreneurs who had worked together on several ventures. At the time of founding Kinsta, they were providing website design, development, and marketing services. Every time they finished a project, their clients would ask them who they recommended for hosting. However, after having poor experiences working with most of the hosting providers on the market, they found themselves struggling to find a host they could recommend and decided to start their own hosting service. That’s how Kinsta was born!

As with any start-ups, there must be hiccups at the beginning. What were Kinsta and how did you overcome them?

Kinsta is a bootstrapped company, meaning we haven’t taken outside funding. The company was built by reinvesting virtually all of the revenue it generated for the first few years. As a result, cash flow was a major challenge early on. Kinsta didn’t solve its cash flow problems by taking outside funding or with any sort of magic formula. The founders grew the company to where it is today by being fiscally disciplined, working hard, and being patient.

Having a team that believes in the work that they are doing and are giving 100% is important for every company. What are the core values that drive your team toward success?

At Kinsta, our five core values include:

  1. We treat each other right.
  2. We exist to serve our customers.
  3. We deliver quality.
  4. Our team is our most important and valuable asset.
  5. We take the long view.

Each of these values is one piece of the puzzle of what makes Kinsta successful.

What are the main products and services of Kinsta?

We are a premium managed hosting provider and we specialize in hosting WordPress. We are best known for offering extremely fast hosting, a user-friendly control panel with premium tools including a robust backup system and staging sites, our local development tool DevKinsta, and industry-leading technical support.

There are many companies on the market offering similar products and services. How is Kinsta different from them and why customers need to pick as a hosting solution for their WordPress websites?

Kinsta stands out from the crowd in a variety of ways.

First, as you’ll see if you check out our reviews on third-party sites like G2 and TrustPilot, our support is second-to-none. Our customers enjoy access to the very best Support team in the hosting industry.

Second, we invest heavily in our product with the goal of staying on the cutting edge of our industry. The largest team at Kinsta is our Support team, but it’s followed very closely by our Development team. Despite having been in business since 2014, Kinsta continues to ship major new features on a regular basis. For example, during the first half of 2021, we shipped DevKinsta, a new local development environment. We didn’t limit its use to Kinsta customers only, instead we made it available for free to anyone looking for an easy way to develop locally with WordPress. Another feature we recently released is IP geolocation functionality.

Third, within the managed hosting space, Kinsta is one of the most flexible and adaptable providers on the market. If you want a truly managed hosting experience, but don’t want to give up your current development workflows, Kinsta is the most flexible option on the market.

Finally, Kinsta was built on a foundation of security, speed, and support. Our customers have always enjoyed the strongest security, fastest load times, and best support in the hosting industry. That was true during Kinsta’s earliest days, remains true today, and will continue to be true in the future.

There are many e-shops that are using WordPress for their websites. How do you think the e-commerce industry has grown over the years? Do you see them as a target group and potential customers for the following decade?

WordPress has experienced success as an option for e-commerce because there are no artificial limits imposed on the designs and functionality you can implement when you use WordPress to power e-commerce. With WordPress, the only limits on what you can accomplish are your own creativity and technical aptitude. In addition, using WordPress for your business provides a greater degree of resilience. You own the software and are able to move between infrastructure providers with relative ease as opposed to the lock-in business experiences if they use an e-commerce SaaS and find themselves unable to switch if they run into a roadblock.

Two of the keys to success for any online business are website performance and security. That’s where a hosting provider like Kinsta comes in. At Kinsta, your website is going to run fast, you’ll have access to the tools you need to manage your site professionally, you’ll enjoy strong security, and you’ll have access to a great Support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Covid-19 pandemic is still with us. How did the pandemic affected your business and work?

While some of our team members and customers have certainly been affected by COVID-19, Kinsta has been fortunate to have seen only a small impact to our overall business. Most of our team was already working from home full time before COVID, so working remotely was business-as-usual for our team, and our customer base has continued to expand. While we’re as ready as anyone to see COVID behind us, we’re grateful that business has remained strong allowing us to continue serving our customers and taking care of our team members throughout the pandemic.

What are your predictions for the hosting industry once the pandemic is over?

The hosting industry hasn’t been as impacted by COVID as some other industries. I do not expect to see major changes such as massive growth across the industry, a new wave of acquisitions, or other industry-wide shakeups attributable to the end of the pandemic. However, the rapid transition of so many businesses to a remote model over the last year or two has dramatically increased the competition for talent, in particularly experienced and qualified technical talent. This shortage of talent will take its toll over the coming years as cash-strapped companies struggle to attract in-demand talent while profitable companies will be able to retain the talent needed to fuel future growth.

There are new trends and technologies that are showing up every year. How Kinsta is managing these new trends in order to stay competitive in the market? Are you introducing new technologies in the near future?

At Kinsta, we don’t try to do it all. We focus on the part of the market that we feel we’re uniquely situated to serve most effectively. That means that we don’t chase every new technology that comes along. However, when we believe a new technology or feature will be particularly valuable to our customers, we invest the resources needed to bring that technology to our customers.

Our customers certainly can expect to see new technologies coming from Kinsta in the future, though we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what those new technologies will be.

Where do you see Kinsta in the next 10 years?

The internet moves fast and predicting what Kinsta, or any internet business, will look like in 10 years is difficult. What I can say is that I expect the values that have driven Kinsta to where it is today to be the same values that propel Kinsta forward for the next decade.

Over the next decade, speed, security, and support will continue to be hallmarks of what defines the Kinsta hosting experience. We will still be treating each other right and taking care of our customers. We will continue to deliver quality at every step along the way. And we’ll continue to make choices that prioritize long-term sustainable growth over short-term gains.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add about your products and services that the hosting community would be interested to hear?

At Kinsta, we never want anyone to feel like they’re locked into a platform they can’t get out of. That’s why we make it so easy to try Kinsta completely risk free.

During the first 30 days of service, new customers can receive a 100% refund if they decide Kinsta isn’t for them and cancel their subscription. Even after the first 30 days of service, customers are never locked into long-term contracts and can easily cancel at any time and receive a prorated refund.

So there’s really no risk in trying Kinsta out. If you’ve been on the fence about signing up to check out Kinsta for yourself, there’s no reason to wait!