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HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Abhay Ahluwalia of myGlobalHOST.in

In this interview, we had a great pleasure to talk with Mr. Abhay Ahluwalia, the  CEO of MyGlobalCV and its sister concern myGlobalHOST.in, and learn the challenges on how you can expand your business in a pandemic and be successful with it.

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MyGlobalCV was founded in 2016 as a leading Web Development & Digital Marketing company in India. Can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind MyGlobalCV and the services that you are offering?

As the name suggests, myglobalCV is an amalgamation of 3 words my + global + cv; wherein CV stands for Curriculum Vitae (Bio-data). Towards this end, having a website – an online bio-data for your business has become a significant requirement in order to reach the global market. The primary objective behind MyGlobalCV was to design & build websites for professionals & businesses, followed by providing digital marketing solutions. We have successfully assisted hundreds of businesses to have their presence felt online within a short span of 3years, and we continue to serve with gusto, dedication & zeal. We help in designing & developing websites for Professionals like Doctors, Hospitals, Corporate businesses, start-ups and also do various digital marketing activities like SEO, SMO, SMM to generate leads for them which further contributes to achieving their business goals. Apart from physical presence in India, we have a virtual global presence in Canada & Abu Dhabi (UAE). Our forte is and will always remain – CLIENT SATISFACTION & HONESTY.

Web development and Digital Marketing especially are industries that are evolving by the hour. How has MyGlobalCV managed to grow and follow all these new trends?

Global marketing for all sale and purchase-related activities is a reality in today’s cutthroat business’s survival. Also, with access to the internet & high-speed data, information technology has gained vital importance. The ONLY way to make your presence felt and seen in the nonsense of global business competition is for your business to STAND OUT. This can only be achieved by staying technologically updated. Myglobalcv has been in regular touch with all levels of designers, developers & digital marketers, along with a close tap on google’s search algorithms to stay updated with the latest trends / technological updates. This is one reason we have been able to achieve a great number of clients in a very short span of time. To top it, a clear, concise, and yet detailed business birds-eye-view makes our business rank up in the local market as well as google search engine, to generate business query and their conversion into successful business & monetary gains.

In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, you decided to enter the web hosting industry, and you launched myGlobalHOST.in. What was the reason for this strategic move?

Regardless of the industry, every company has gone through this pandemic, paying a massive price of going bankrupt or landing in a pretty dire state. Due to social distancing rules, suddenly, everything had to go online to survive. We saw a massive spike in the number of users online, and the hours they were spending online, yet businesses were closing down. It all happened because the giants sitting in their boardrooms saw an opportunity to grow their profits and not provide solutions to the masses that they were looking for. Instead of creating awareness and providing easy solutions, they continued their high pricing, renewal charges, offered no discounts on pandemic rather reduced their support system. They took it as an opportunity to make more money rather than contribute towards society by offering any kind of helping hand – which is one of the biggest reason behind existence of  myglobalHOST! I cannot deny that the industry has grown in this period of time but are people of all statures helped in the same way they could have been? I don’t think so. A bigger revolution could have been there by offering great discounts with continued support along with the right information to enlighten the paths for those in need. This is where myglobalhost felt like a huge gap and took the opportunity to provide web hosting solutions by offering more affordable pricing, honest product review/details with excellent & timely support to encourage more people to come online to survive and thrive during such difficult times.

The pandemic of Covid-19 is still high, and a lot of businesses are struggling to manage it. What are the predictions for 2021, and what would be the industry for entrepreneurs to focus on?

Current businesses are on small levels, and even when they are present online, they fail to see the opportunity to do business with the world. I don’t know what to do next and how to reach the audience. The significance of digital marketing is unknown to many new users, and even when they see the high cost involved, they tend to get scared and not take the risk. The pandemic has created an extremely dynamic environment, and predicting what’s going to happen in the long run is practically impossible. The only thing I can safely say for the time being is that in order to survive, companies will need to adapt to the new landscape and figure out ways of staying a step ahead of their competitors.

For 2021, I suggest that the foreseeable future will be good for the Health & Fitness, Blogging, Entertainment, IT, and Education sectors but it’s difficult to say how correct the forecasts will be. However, in any case, people should be encouraged to take their businesses online and let their presence felt to reach the global market to be successful.

Can you tell us a bit more about which hosting services myGlobalHOST.in is offering on the market?

To run your car efficiently you not only need good quality fuel but proper and timely servicing with care as well. So at myglobalHOST, apart from providing Web Hosting Plans (which includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, nodeJS hosting, premium wordpress hosting and python hosting) we offer a wide spectrum of products & services like VPS – virtual private servers and DS – dedicated servers but not limited to Web designing, Web development, Graphic designing, Digital marketing and WordPress optimization. Overall, we are well known for being a one-stop solution for all IT-related projects.

There are many hosting companies on the market. In what ways myGlobalHOST.in is different from the competition?

What makes myglobalHOST different from any other hosting provider are:

  • Excellent & Timely support: No one in this world can guarantee service without any problem, especially when it comes to Hosting; however, what matters the most is an ear to hear the issue, understand, and fix them on time with care. Hence, one of the most significant differences between other hosting providers and us is that we primarily focus on providing excellent & timely support for the issues (if) raised by the customers, which can be easily reflected in our reviews. myglobalHOST customers can reach us anytime from 11 AM to 6 PM IST via Phone, Email, Live Chat, and Whatsapp. This above-mentioned 4-way support system helps the customers in getting a quick & prompt response from us.
  • A long list of freebies: Apart from offering cheap hosting solutions and looking at the market share of users for WordPress, we offer access to a variety of premium WordPress plugins & themes to our web hosting customers as a gift which helps them in saving a lot of money on development & marketing of their website. We offer premium installation to some of the most demanding themes & plugins, including DIVI Premium theme, DIVI EXTRA blogging theme, Monarch Plugin, DIVI builder, Bloom Plugin, and WP-Rocket Pro plugin, which are worth over $505 as of today.
  • Free WordPress Optimization Service: In addition to the freebies what makes us stand out of other hosting providers is Free WordPress Optimization service to all our hosting customers as we understand that not only newbies but even experienced web developers sometimes fail to get a good / expected loading speed of their website inspite of have a great hosting plan or even a big dedicated server.
  • No INODE Restriction: INODE has never been part of controversy as it is being implemented by almost all of the hosting providers in the field of web hosting. Now, this is really important for myglobalHOST as this can be misleading, and customers end up buying a plan which shows 30GB, 100GB, or even unlimited storage plan without getting into the depth of knowing INODE restrictions it has which ultimately do not let them use the storage they have paid for. We at myglobalHOST offer all the hosting plans without any restriction on the number of  FILES / INODES, which enables the customer to use full storage for which they have paid. The need to upgrade can be postponed, saving a lot of money.

The services mentioned above of myglobalHOST have been appreciated by a lot of users who have helped them in getting a great plan with good loading speed & even ranking up their desired keywords on search engines like google, which has helped us in growing from 1 leased server in 2020 to over 7 leased servers and a continuously growing customer base.

What do you think is important for a hosting company to have in order to be successful?

The hosting industry is fiercely competitive; it’s essential to gather as much information and data as possible to separate oneself from the crowd and cater to unfulfilled needs. Most of the hosting companies focus only on excellent promotional offers rather than spending on improving their own support system which is dire need of any customer. According to me, it is NOT really important to offer something unique or lucrative offers to attract new customers & separate yourself from other companies BUT only offering a good service with EXCELLENT & TIMELY support is the key that give us happy customers & long term retention. If you are not able to provide the level of customer support which is expected then clients may choose to host their websites somewhere else and will never be lured again to buy service from you no matter what & how you promote differently.

One of the best thing that worked for us is that we ensured the right product and service as per the individual need without making any false promises or incorporating hidden restrictions like INODE or prioritizing profits than service & support. We never tried misleading with ads that show something and sell different. By offering excellent support with personalized touch and involvement in our customers we have grown in such short period of time.

There are three main things that people look for in hosting companies: speed, backup, and security of their data. How myGlobalHOST is managing the speed, backup, and security of its customer data?

Yes, they are indeed the most important 3 key factors for a successful hosting company; however, everything, and anything which relies on technology needs proper care & regular attention as there can be any unexpected hardware/software failure which is out of anyone’s anticipation at any point of time – like we saw with Google recently which manages data of hundreds & millions of global users. Here, in this case, Google has SPEED / BACKUP and even offers great SECURITY, but a glitch / down in its technology made people suffer. However, Google was quick & responsive enough to get up and start serving back to its customers in simply no time. Now, to answer the questions, we manage and handle these important things for hosting as:

  • Speed: We make sure NOT to oversell our server resources and focus on good port speed along with the required distribution of resources which plays a crucial role in the performance of the website.
  • Backup: We offer daily backup for up to 2 days in all our web hosting plans. Also unlike some of the hosting providers, we give complete freedom to our customers by NOT DISABLING the default backup feature so that a customer at any point of time can take the backup of their website in case they wish and save it on their local system or even move to another host.
  • Security: We have implemented various tools on our server, which helps in serving multiple security issues with ease which may include DDoS attacks, Brute force protection, Firewall protection, Malware detection & auto removal tool, and a lot more.

We noticed that HostAdvice awarded your company as one of the top 10 companies for hosting in 2021, which is a great accomplishment. Do you believe that besides your services, having excellent customer support helped you achieve this accomplishment?

Customer support is indeed the most contributing factor in our short time success in the market, and a special thanks to our customers & HostAdvice for recognizing our efforts. We are not limited to offering support related to our hosting services only; rather, we have extended exclusive personalized support for our customers in the field of web development, digital marketing, and a lot more. The motive behind it is to spread awareness about the industry & plans.

You opened your sister concern myGlobalHOST.in in 2020. Where do you see your company on a long-term basis?

About the question asked, at the outset, I would like to state that we neither want to run nor stop but simply continue to keep walking until the goal is reached! Staying aware of patterns in the web hosting industry can be testing! There are excesses of moving pieces on the board. The headways in innovation, developments, and remarkable genuine events, for example, the flare-up of the Coronavirus pandemic, are only a portion of the elements at play.

While different elements make it marginal challenging to work out the site facilitating the industry’s market size and development, there are likewise many assets on the web. The web hosting industry’s beginnings were relatively modest. It all started in 1969 with only four hosts. Over the next five decades, the industry went through a quantum leap to a staggering 126 million hosts, 30 million domains, and 28.2 million websites. By 2027, the web hosting industry market size is forecasted to grow to $171.4 billion.

We believe in providing the best solution by placing the proper workload onto the proper platform and providing seamless connectivity between everything. We plan to offer the best features available for hosting with scalability and flexibility. In addition to enhanced security and scalability, we want our customers to enjoy predictable costs, which is an area that plagues the current hosting providers with all of their hidden fees and confusing pricing models.

As a hosting provider, what do you think is the most important thing in the hosting industry?

I can go on about the details and findings of the hosting industry, but from the little experience I have until now, I especially talk about Asian countries like ours where a common person who wants to take his business online has absolutely no knowledge about it and they often experience fraud or land up paying more than justified charges for the hosting which they know nothing about in real. I have seen people and companies losing their goodwill due to this. This is one of our basic reasons to start up this company where we will not only give the services but will do so by creating awareness and not befooling people for the sake of profits by showcasing or promoting things which we don’t deliver.

How can customers recognize a great hosting provider? What are the signs they need to look at?

There are hundreds and thousands of hosting providers in the market with various services and lucrative plans. With the help of unique and effective marketing tools, they can quickly grab your attention. This often leads a buyer into buying something which wasn’t required and at high pricing too. So beware of such deceitful marketing campaigns, and by following simple steps, you can land up buying the right hosting as per your requirement.

  1. Understanding requirement: All you have to do first is to thoroughly analyze your needs as per your website and note them down with their priority in order. Do it by keeping in mind your current and future site needs.
  2. A detailed comparison: Compare all the key factors like pricing, technical needs, hidden features, especially INODES, management, support service options availability, renewal, and cancellation policy of the hosting provider before buying a plan for your business.
  3. Reviews: Once you shortlist your suitable hosting provider, look for reviews on platforms like Hostadvice, Google etc. The better reviews with support and quick response are the one you should go for. Just because there is a brand name in the market and the pricing is competitive, the chances are of missing personal touch with the user is high, hence deep research is required.
  4. Quick Test: Make a quick chat/call or email to your shortlisted hosting provider beforehand to understand their response time, level of understanding. This small test can be really helpful in finalizing the best hosting provider for you!.

We have heard a lot of great things about the services and products of myGlobalHOST.in. In the end, what advice would you share with the hosting community for the following 12 months?

It is really been a great experience entering hosting industry and listening to the customers for their issues has been an amazing journey so far. I personally feel that we have a long way to go and many more to come. As the hosting industry plays a crucial role in taking the businesses online, my only suggestion to the hosting community will only be to serve with dedication and honesty to earn more respect for it rather than being part of the trickery system. I believe that work done with honesty and dedication will always be fruitful in attracting profits than vice versa.

I wish that HostAdvice would keep putting light on the hosting companies that do a good job in the field as I am very honored with the opportunity HostAdvice has presented us with to share my thoughts on the above said.

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