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If you are looking for easy-to-use, fast, and reliable hosting services, you will find that in HostingSpell. We are speaking with Mr. Dhruval Joshi, where we are going to find out more about HostingSpell and its success story.

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We are always starting our interviews with a small introduction about the company and the person behind it. What is the story about HostingSpell? Can you also tell us a bit more about your background and how you came up with the idea of HostingSpell?

We started our journey in the hosting industry in 2015, earlier that year I started blogging, I was fairly new to everything. When I did some research and developed a sense of how to start a blog I found myself overwhelmed with the fees and pricing structure of the web hosting companies. At that point, I started blogging but I couldn't find myself at peace knowing that how hard it is to get nearly the best web hosting service for an affordable price.

We gathered momentum from the community and started providing a web hosting service called WebRevol as a reseller and quickly turned out to be a growing competitor in the Indian market. In 2017 we reinstated our services with HostingSpell.

Starting with a new business can be a struggle in some areas. What were the challenges that you faced when you started? How did you overcome those challenges?

We faced so many challenges and we have learned so many things while facing all the challenges. Our biggest challenge is finance. You need a considerable amount of money to grow your business because big players in the industry have really good resources. When creating your market you are mostly going to get a fraction of others' market. To do that you need to advertise your brand and that requires a great investment. As students, we never had such financial backing. We earned less and that's why spent less on expansion. Apart from that, hikes in pricing by cPanel created a sizeable impact.

We also experienced difficulties but we have developed ways to overcome the challenges. We started providing web hosting on the cloud-like DigitalOcean & Linode, It unlocked a new level of natural market. For now, we are slowly but steadily started to increase funds for marketing.

Tell us a bit more about the products and services of HostingSpell?

HostingSpell provides a web hosting service on cPanel Control Panel and we have packed every powerful feature in our services. Our customers get more benefits from our products and services than any other provider can provide. Our goal is to provide the ultimate service at an unbeatable price.

We use premium public cloud providers infrastructure with the best available control panel and web hosting server stack. We can offer multiple regions and scale as we go.

We also provide 24/7 technical support via live chat, WhatsApp, and tickets at no extra cost. We also include free guidance from SEO and WordPress Experts for our customers.

Can you tell us a bit more about your achievements?

We expanded our HostingSpell without any investment and funding while competing in a global market with big players with big funds. We believe that our customers choose services over brand reach. They continuously expand their business with help of HostingSpell.com because they see us as a reliable partner. That's huge for us. Apart from that, we are one of the first providers in India that enabled shared hosting on well-known public cloud providers with reasonably affordable rates.

We also provide quick and friendly support and we one of the first providers who started delivering support over WhatsApp very early, this thing let alone helps our customers to quickly reach our support team without opening a web browser. Truly hassle-free support!

What is your approach to finding customers and why customers are choosing you?

We are not spend anything right now on paid advertisements like AdWord or Facebook Ads. Because we have 60% of customers as mainly agencies and freelancers who seek to grow and need a reliable and affordable partner.

We do have really good community backing on Facebook as brand followers. Our teammates try to promote our services to their fullest to gain every single customer in their circle. That being said we have a chain of customers who place trust in HostingSpell because someone in their knowledge is using it and praising it positively.

We highly rely on a portal like HostAdvice which enables our lovely customers to share their feedbacks which in return helps others to find HostingSpell authentic and trustable as the provider.

What are your plans for expansions to new markets?

Currently, we are planning to add more services for our customers to provide the complete solution for their business. We are planning to add web/app/script development, GFX designing, and a fully managed IT solution for their business. We will provide a more robust and highly scalable as well as performance and SEO-oriented cloud hosting platform from cPanel hosting to all the virtual machines, these will make sure that we can provide services in a wide spectrum.

We are also planning to provide more affordable domain registration for our customers as well.

The hosting industry is changing with new products and technologies all the time. Are you following the latest trends and what are your plans in introducing new products and services?

I think evolution is the feature of technology that makes it even more appealing without that we would be still throwing stone spears right?

In the web hosting industry, many technological products are service-based in the web hosting industry, which mostly delivers everything new to every provider. However, we can as a provider add more distinctive features and services that are not common yet and can benefit customers. This is the best way you can make your product more competitive.

We follow trends as well as retains the courage to shape them. We started providing the Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate as soon as we could. This is a good example of how the new technology and product in the market enhance our products and services.

We are in the middle of 2021 and we are entering 2022. What are your plans for 2022?

Right now in a pandemic situation, many businesses are finding ways to come online, which makes sense to provide them with a complete way to transform their business digitally on the internet. That's why we are planning to offer more services to not just help them instead we are trying to be a part of their journey. We will evolve this idea into products and services in 2022.

Adding more products can bring a burden on management as well as financial upkeep. It also requires more skilled people to support and deliver services. We believe that expanding your products and services should be done only if necessary, it reduces disadvantages and help you stay more focused on your prime products and services.

What is your advice to our readers about what should they look for when picking a hosting provider?

Every customer should do enough research, fundamentally they need to understand what they are looking for and how good providers can provide the best solution. Customers should as understand that there are lots of providers in the market and some of them hold potential products and services, they should learn more and ask for more at affordable prices.

One thing that customers should avoid is to not blinding go for cheap hosting services they might sound worth taking but they need to understand those good things can be affordable but cheap. This will save lots of time as well as money. They can learn more about provider’s profiles and their customers’ feedback on HostAdvice.com, it will surely help them to learn more about each provider while comparing.

Technologically, customers should compare what each provider is providing, what's the price to performance ratio, and what features are included to help their websites on the wild internet.


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