HostAdvice Speaks to Dean Cohen of MyHost Hosting

In this following interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Dean Cohen, from MyHost.

If you are interested to hear about a success story in the hosting industry, taking a few minutes to read this interview would be the best thing you did today.

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We did a little research before the interview, and we learned that MyHost is on the market for 6 years now. Can you tell us a bit more about the history of the company?

Dean: WOW already 6 years passed? haha, time truly moves fast when you doing whats you love!

Well of course I could share a bit of our backstory, We indeed started providing Web Hosting for a bit over 6 years now.

It all started with two great pals that worked together as full-stack developers that were working in the industry for around 4 years before started out creating our own business.

One thing we noticed, at the time we thought of the idea of starting our new business, that the local market was a bit overpriced, and we wanted to provide a solid high-quality solution for hosting websites at affordable pricing.

At those 4 years before we created MyHost, we obtained experience and passion for websites and servers and the profession, and so we said one day after work at the office, maybe it's time for us to shine and open up our own business. And create our own story, and so we started small and slow and grow by time and by people who were satisfied from our servers, and of course our support.

We at first were working with a panel called ISPManager, as far as we know, we were the only Israeli company that offered Shared Hosting based on the panel ISPManager.

But we seen the demand for cPanel instead of ISPManager, so we had to change our direction toward it, and so we started providing Shared Hosting based on cPanel.

Year after year of hard work and providing high-quality hosting and friendly and professional support for our customers, we were growing and growing by people recommended us to their friends and families and of course their clients. and we happy we could provide them the best Web Hosting solution and support they needed.

After 6 years of hard work, we can see the fruits of our seeds we planned 6 years ago start growing and blooming. and we hope our tree will continue to grow for many years to come and will have a long-trusted root and foundation, so more people can lean on us for continuing to provide them the best we can!


What are the core values that drive your business toward success?

Dean: Our core values that made our business a great home for a website owner, is our honesty, transparency, and passion for the profession we work and the love of helping people as far as we can.

The most important thing for a healthy successful and long relationship is honesty and passion, and cause we have those core values, we have a great relationship with our customers! And so they share satisfaction with their friends and clients.


What are the main products and services of MyHost?

Dean: Our main products right now are Shared and WordPress Web Hosting, and Resellers.


We noticed that your website is in Hebrew. What are the markets that you are focused on at the moment? Are there any plans to expand your business to other markets as well?

Dean: Indeed, our site currently is in Hebrew, for now, our market-focused for Israelis, we also have quite clients based who speak Hebrew but not living in Israel.

We do plan and hope to expand for more market shares, time will tell where our direction will be.


Let’s talk a little bit about customer satisfaction. How important do you think is customer support to have satisfied customers?

Dean: It's one of our core values, we treat our customers with the respect they deserve, and the respect is mutual to both of the sides, to our support agents and the clients. Our agents are passion-driven for the profession they choose, and so if the agents are passion-driven to help our customers as much as they could.


What are the new technologies and trends that are going to show up in the next 12 months in the hosting industry?

Dean: We think the Shared Hosting industry going to have a great year by having a lot of advanced new tools, by having better security, the ability for web hosting to protect their client’s websites better like Imunify360 that is a great piece of software.

Cause today is all about "WordPress" these days, we think we will see a lot more tools for providers that suited for WordPress sites, like object cache that suited for web hosting providers, better caching system by server level, or maybe "One Click Optimize" solution.


The competition in the hosting industry is fierce. What are the top 5 things that MyHost is different from the competition?


  • Friendly and professional support for our clients.
  • Cutting edge hardware such as Ryzen CPUs and NVME SSD's.
  • The motivation and will to provide a great service and to grow.
  • The honesty, transparency we provide to our clients.
  • Always trying to improve our services and products we offer.


The first quarter of 2021 is over and we are moving toward the second one. What are the plans and what are you hoping to achieve by the end of 2021?

Dean: For the next quarter of 2021, we plan on releasing our new website and client area and expanding our knowledge base even more than the current over 600 guides, to ease our customers and reduce their need for web developers and so save them money.

But we have more few plans behind our sleeves for that year, that I could not provide more details about them as of today.


Covid-19 hit a lot of industries hard. How this pandemic affected your business? What do you think will happen now that we see light at the end of the tunnel and people are getting vaccinated? How will the hosting industry react when the pandemic is over?

Dean: To be honest, at the first when the pandemic started, we seen a lot of growth because people understood they need to mark their foot on the internet but unfortunately we seen a lot of client’s buisness closed and it’s hurting us to see.

We hoping everyone is safe and doing well are currently active or inactive clients cause of the pandemic.

As you know we based in Israel, and Israel is mostly vaccinated, and we see a major improvement so there are much fewer active COVID-19 cases and less infection, and people and places starting to open up, and people start to get their life back again.

We hope that the world will return to normal activity this year, but we think that it will take a couple of years for everything around the globe will return to normal financially.

For the question regards how the hosting industry will react when it be over, it's a tough question, those last few years software providers uses only spiking up their pricing one after another, at some point those price hikes could reflect in the consumers, we hope that the companies behind that software will understand the situation that our world at, and people struggle every day to keep their lives together and the consumers do not have the extra money to put on the hosting industry, and potentially lead the hosting provider in an uncomfortable situation in front of their customers.

And some people could not take it easy and understanding why it will happen and why is that it won't be the fault of the hosting providers who does that if it will happen.

We hope those software developers will maintain a status quo in the pricing area so providers in the hosting industry could keep their customers happy.


Where do you see MyHost in the next 5 years?

Dean: We always searching for new ways to improve and trying to implant the most benefited ones for our customers after testing those into our hosting solutions.

But honestly? No one can predict the future, but we planning to keep our good hard work as we have done for the last 6 years, for hopefully keep growing, and expanding year after year as we did until this day. And maybe we will meet again in another interview‏?

Stefanija Kukunovska Stef is passionate about marketing and been with HostAdvice for over 2 years

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"HostAdvice Speaks to Dean Cohen of MyHost Hosting"

HostAdvice Speaks to Dean Cohen of MyHost Hosting