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We are talking with Mr. Cs. Marcell from BroHosting, where we are going to learn more about their products, services, and the hosting industry in general.

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BroHosting interview cover imageWe did a little research and we found out that BroHosting was founded in 2017? What is the story behind BroHosting?

It started when I was watching the famous TV series "How I Met Your Mother". I got the inspiration of one of the characters "Barney Stinson" who supported Ted to succeed in his personal life. I was always passionate about websites and supporting people, then I have realized how awesome it would be to start up my web hosting with a mission of supporting customers as much as possible. Just like when you need support from your friend, you sometimes need the same when you have an issue on your website or just have a simple question. I believe one of the most important factors of a service is the support you receive in any field, not just web hosting, but in any service or product, you work with.

What were the challenges that you had to face when you were starting?

Since Brohosting has one member, which is me, it was difficult to build up everything on my own, this included learning about cyber-security, financial skills, web development, and everything that required to start a business like this. Furthermore, I had to find companies that not just offer reasonable prices in the beginning, but gives us customizations that make my brand more unique.

What are the main products and services of BroHosting?

BroHosting offers the most common services such as Shared Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Servers, Professional Email Service, and a few upcoming services such as Support, Malicious Software Removal, and even Web Design. We plan to offer much more service in the future as well, though we believe this is a good start.

How is BroHosting different from the competition?

The company focuses on the best possible support you can experience, which we invest a lot in. Certain clients are new to the topic of web hosting and they need easy explanations on things that they have never seen or used before. 3 things are important in the web hosting industry. Speed, Reliable Services, and Outstanding Support. Looking professionally is one thing, giving empathy and help the customers is what counts these days.

Many customers don’t know much about hosting. What is your approach with those customers?

We always explain things easily to those customers who are new in this field with real-life comparison examples. That way even the most non-technical person can understand it well. Furthermore, illustrations on certain things such as what is hosting and what is domain were always confusing for many people in the world who are just about to start their website.

Customers are looking for three things in a hosting provider: speed, backup, and security. How is BroHosting handling these things?

We do understand how important these 3 features are. To make sure our client gets the most of the speed, we use LiteSpeed Web Server which we found very effective based on various feedbacks and we even have Redis for object caching. Backup wise the customers can create full cPanel backups any time manually, but we also have a paid option that will allow them to have a failsafe option which is made once every day and once a month to make sure no files or emails get lost. Security is a sensitive topic, though we have limited information to share. However, we do make sure that the customer's sensitive personal data and their websites are secured. We monitor accounts that overload the whole server on Shared Hosting accounts to avoid interruptions on other websites or lead to any downtime. We also plan to introduce a new security feature BitNinja in the next year on our Shared Hosting to have more reliable and secure servers.

What new products and services do you find interesting at this moment? What are your plans to introduce them to your customers?

Web Design and Support Services are new services that we will offer in a few months, however, we don't have an exact ETA for them. We also have a new service Malware Removal that will be beneficial for users who got infected on platforms like WordPress. With a one-time fee, they will not just be able to request the removal of malicious software on their website, but even secure them, so it does happen in the future. This last service is available within a month for all of our new or existing users.

What are your plans for 2022?

We are focusing on growing our business at this point, this means we are mainly working on our marketing strategy and advertising on various platforms. We believe so far we have enough services to work with. Developing and thinking about the future is important, but we also think that the present services should be reliable as they were to keep the current and possible future customers happy. As we mentioned earlier above, we also plan to integrate BitNinja server security, which we found so far reliable on previous projects.

Where do you see your company in the next 10 years?

It's hard to say, however, we are positive and we believe with the power of our legendary support, we will be recognized among the many competitions in the world. We hope to open a physical office in Hungary soon as well to have a more professional environment while keeping the option for possible future employees to work from home.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add about BroHosting products that our readers would find interesting?

We do understand how bad when a website is slow loading, therefore we would like to offer a one-time speed up. This includes configurations, recommendations, and small website hacks to give the customer success in his website performance. This promo is valid for 2022.01.01 and applies for the first 100 new customers and it is not just that, but it also comes with a 20% discount for our Shared Hosting services.

The promo code is "SPEEDMEBRO".