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Today we have the honor to speak with Mr. Atılım KAYGIN from Hostixo, one of the best hosting companies in Turkey. We are going to learn more about their products and services and their experience in the hosting industry.

Tune in to learn more.

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What is the history of the company? When did it all start?

Our company was founded in Niğde/Turkey for giving out Hosting and Server services in the year 2018. With the experience we have gained since 2007, we have been providing services and licensing services of popular software such as Cpanel and LiteSpeed to our customers as well as hosting services.

What were your biggest challenges at the beginning?

In the first few steps, as a new hosting company, gaining our customers’ trust was the hardest thing for us. We acknowledge that, certainly. Everybody wants to think that their websites are in good hands. It is hard to trust a new hosting company. With the advantage of having been in this industry for long years, we were able to please our customers by providing high quality and continuous services. And we started to receive positive feedbacks like the comments made on your website.

What are your most popular products and services?

Linux hosting, windows hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud server services are among our popular services.
Also, our other services like cPanel license and LiteSpeed license attract quite the attention.

How is Hostixo handling customer satisfaction?

Our customers state their satisfaction to us through their requests frequently.

We also monitor positive and negative comments by following social media and platforms like host advice.

Making our customers happy motivates us for more.

We are having special interviews for our unsatisfied customers to make them happy.

Speed, security, and backup are the most important things that customers are looking for these days. How is Hostixo handling these things?

Our company is attentive about opening our customers’ websites fast, their security and backup.

To make our customer’s websites open faster, we use LiteSpeed enterprise web service that works ten times faster than the apache web service. When compared to apache or Nginx, LiteSpeed web service increases your page’s loading speed by ten times. In comparison with PHP-FPM, LSPHP supported by SuEXEC ensures high performance.

Also, we prefer NVM discs which have a high write rate in addition to the high technology dual processors to ensure the highest performance in all our servers.

As they are based on Cloudlinux and CageFS, all of our servers increase the system stability by creating isolation between the users for both security and resource. All of our servers are being watched 24/7 and any possible problems are interfered with by our tech team.

What happens when you have a surge of high traffic? How are you handling that part?

Our data center and network devices that we use are well structured for any scenario. We have already made all provisions for both real high traffic usage and any extraordinary traffic.

What are your predictions for 2022 in terms of new technologies and new products in the hosting industry?

We think that in the year 2022, the hosting industry will gain more importance with the effects of the pandemic we’re going through. Companies that have a strong substructure and reply requests in a short span of time will always offer more quality service.

Where do you see Hostixo in the next 12 months?

We think that Hostixo will grow with more steady steps and it will take the customers and the service quality to a higher level within this year.

What about the future in the long run? Where do you see Hostixo in the next 10 years?

We think that Hostixo will go beyond being a local company and become a big, global brand in 10 years. We will proceed with keeping our customer satisfaction always high by shaping our investments according to our goals.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, we are always at your service with safe, high-quality, and fast hosting services.