HostAdvice Speaks to Akshay Saini of Serverwala Hosting

For one website to become a customer to a hosting provider, trust must be built. Serverwala is all about trust and providing the best possible service. We had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Akshay Saini and hear about his story.

We hope that you will enjoy this interview as much as we did.

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What is the beginning of Serverwala? When did it all start?

Akshay: Being a student back then, I worked in different fields and diverse sectors. During my jobs, I tried to perceive each and everything in its utmost detail. Most importantly, I examined multiple work-driven approaches for businesses. Through my projects, I happened to build up strong expertise and experience in the IT field. Further, I discovered numerous things about servers and acquired knowledge about their configuration, optimization, management, security, and much more on broad bandwidth.

Consequently, I got to learn how to start with a business. With compelling brainstorming among the leaders, I had got the idea to build my own brand. This led to what you today know by the name Server Wala.

In 2012, I introduced the Server Wala Cloud Data Centers Pvt Ltd. to provide leading and world-class services with superior customer support on cut-off time. Along with my team, I built up our hosting Industry to accomplish the business's hardware virtualization demand. That's why we proffer feature-rich and high-caliber services at an affordable price beyond customer expectations. Later, I also appended the cloud-based hosting platform in my portfolio to accommodate user's business demands for the cloud servers.

Server Wala has worked from his core to provide up-to-date services to customers. It is firmly ready to face any challenges with modernized technologies while rendering an excellent 24*7 active teams to fulfill the clients' business needs.

What were the challenges that you faced when your started building the company?

Akshay: Well, establishing your own business is itself a big challenge. But if you are convinced and determined for your decision, you can make it happen. To pour some light on the challenges I encountered, let me tell you what hurdles I overcame, one after the other, while building my business to this height. Let me begin with the most prominent factor - Money.

It is evident and a known fact that you need money to invest in your business. Money plays the crucial part, but it was the first determinant that hit me hard while dealing with delayed roll-out products, hiring staff, or fitting out new offices.

Neglecting Marketing and Sales
When my business was at its early stage, it got ignored by most organizations because of a commencing business. As you know, people usually do not prefer to buy servers from a startup.

Though it made me disappointed, I didn't lose hope. I persevere through tough times, keeping my patience, which helped me foothold my business in the market.

Lack of Planning
I faced issues in planning because it's pretty complicated to decide where to start and how to manage from successfully establishing the company to run it in the right direction. Every aspect involved in this process took me through a completely new trial.

Finding the right people
A company operates and grows with the base co-founders and a dedicated team. But it was not very easy for me to find the right people who are willing and devote the same kind of effort to my firm the same way as I was doing.

Time Management
I was really not able to properly manage the time while handling my business. Initially, I actually messed up everything, but now I am delighted to mention that it has become quite interesting to handle everything on my own.

Scaling Up
It has been stressful and challenging to scale up my business with the passing time or growth, such as hiring more staff, spaces, or exploring for a new office.

Unwillingness to push yourself beyond the comfort zone
It seems that the owners and co-founders have the answers to all questions, but in reality, it is not true. Unfortunately, I have been putting myself beyond all the comfort zones to build my dream business.

When I started to grow my business, I had to compete with the list of competitors that already stood in the market. Thus, it took a lot more effort and hard work than I could think of for acquiring a considerable volume of traffic on my web business.

Lack of Mentors
You certainly cannot be perfect in every field, just like that. I was also not the ideal one for my field. It is always a plus point to have mentors as they can guide you better and show you the right direction. However, my mentors have always been my enough market experiences and knowledge.

Poor Management
Obviously, at an initial business startup, I didn't have any experience in marketing and management; therefore, it was extremely difficult and depressing to suffer from poor management for me.

Managing a team of more than 100 employees is not an easy task. What are the core values of the company that drives each team member toward success?

Akshay: Yes, it is not easy to run a business without managing a dedicated team and staff. Moreover, with the growing business, it becomes more crucial to expanding your team. And that is the most inciting point where the trials begin and come between your path from hiring to complete management. Indeed, it had become quite challenging for me to handle a growing business having acquired more than 100 employees. However, I have found an alternative to make it relatively easier for me. I have decided to create an employee-friendly culture and a simple work environment to which every employee can quickly adopt and enjoy working. Further, to retain this kind of environment, I have introduced the seven core values that drive team members toward success. The core values include:

  • Dedication- We are well aware that the web hosting industry is dynamic, and we work dedicatedly to push our limits.
  • Passion- Our passion for work intensifies our desire to achieve goals and the highest performance levels.
  • Integrity- We believe that our genuineness and integrity will help us gain mileage in the coming years.
  • Innovation: We have a creative appetite, and our energy enables us to increase this creativity.
  • Team spirit: Our company has developed an employee-friendly work environment that promotes synergy and diversity.
  • Customer-focused- We work with a motive to go beyond your anticipations and ensure high scalability.
  • Respect- We respect all our employees regardless of their race, gender, age, and religion.

What are the main services and products that Serverwala is offering on the market?

Akshay: As you are familiar with our brand name, we are thrilled to deliver server-based services. However, we are also more than content for rendering the different types of web hosting solutions that can incorporate-

  • Dedicated Server
  • VPS Server
  • Cloud Server
  • Colocation Server
  • Cluster Server
  • Shared Server

We noticed several products that you are also offering. Can you tell us the difference between cluster server and colocation server?

Akshay: Oh! Yes Sure. I will tell you the difference between these both.

Basically, a Cluster Server operates and controls a group of dedicated servers with a centralized system to deliver optimized performance. Whereas a Colocations Server handles a Cluster Server group. If one server fails accidentally due to any reason, it rolls the data onto another server without letting your server down.

On a daily basis, there are many requests from customers. How are you handling customer satisfaction?

Akshay: Yes, your statement is true. Customer satisfaction has always been our priority. We assure to meet the customers' requirements by ensuring an expert customer-focused team. For that, we have an experienced and professional team to deal with customers' technical queries and general inquiries. Our employees do their best to work closely with clients' problems to troubleshoot and fix their hosting issues instantly.

Our hosting knowledge and strong desire to please clients have helped us achieve success in this department as well. Besides, we provide real-time support and an easy way to get our customers in touch with us for instant assistance via Chatbot, Email, WhatsApp, etc.

There are new technologies popping up on the market all the time. What are the trends and technologies that are going to arrive on the hosting market in near future?

Akshay: In the next ten years, I would like to see Server Wala at the top of the pyramid where the sky's the limit. To acquire this aim, we will launch comprehensive products with more services and advanced hosting. To be precise, I assure you that the future of Server Wala would be incredibly bright in the upcoming years.

The reason behind my confidence about this is we have created the infrastructures, affordable plans, and much more facilities that are going to be extremely very remarkable and excellent for our valuable customers. As we have launched cloud server, cluster, and collocations server, we will soon launch built-in domain name management, add-on rewards, Virtualisation Management, Enterprise-level Data Security, and other exceptional services. All these steps forward will take our business to tremendous growth.

Furthermore, with the future goal to keep expanding our business and providing unlimited hosting services with an open-source platform, we always intend to guarantee our customers a broad range of highly upgraded and advanced technology services at an affordable price.

Additionally, we have great plans to internationally explore our resources intensely to accomplish the client's requirements for flexible locations. We make sure that our clients are 100% pleased with our worthwhile services. Also, with the value for money services, Server Wala keeps developing. With the new techniques, we always attempt to make hosting smooth for our potential customers.

We have to mention the Covid-19 pandemic. Has the pandemic affected your business? In what way?

Akshay: The COVID-19 outbreak is like a whopping catastrophe. It has happened in the past and remains. The situation is even becoming worse day by day, and, in many areas, it is getting out of control. This current outbreak has had major financial consequences worldwide, and it doesn't seem like any single country is left unaffected by this COVID- 19 pandemic. We have seen the pandemic impact on the economy, society, and various sectors, including Retail industries, Healthcare industry, Auto industry, Banking Sectors, Insurance, small businesses, and IT sectors.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has also affected our businesses. Most companies are likely to invest in servers for their own firms and small startups but unable to spend. That's why we cannot generate high revenue from our business. And thus, somewhere, it also affects us in achieving the future goals of planning to advance our business.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the hosting industry?

Akshay: If we look back into history, ARPANET, the first computer network which connected computers at the University of California and Stanford University, can be considered as the fundamental step towards this vast hosting industry we have now. Since 1969, the web hosting statics have been shooting up with no pause. As a result, today, web hosting has become a multi-billion dollar industry and will continue to advance no matter what. Various elements and aspects of the hosting industry may see a downfall. However, as a whole, it is pleasant to come to the conclusion that the hosting industry will anyway turn out to be thriving. According to the market size and growth trends, we can expect it to grow over $216 billion by 2025. Furthermore, you can rest assured that Serverwala will contribute its considerable share in the hosting industry in the coming years.


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"HostAdvice Speaks to Akshay Saini of Serverwala Hosting"

HostAdvice Speaks to Akshay Saini of Serverwala Hosting