Hivelocity Adds AlmaLinux to Its Custom Server Options

Hivelocity is a global provider when it comes to Dedicated servers as well as Private Cloud solutions.

As of recently, they have announced new options when it comes to their premium customer server that now includes the AlmaLinux OS. It is an open-source Linux distribution that is developed for and around the CloudLinux community. AlmaLinux has the ability to provide a supported, stable well as free enterprise-grade OS alternative when compared to distributions such as Red Had or Fedora.

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It is the successor to CentOS, and AlmaLinux promises the same compatibility as well as the functionality as its predecessor but with ongoing support from the experts that are behind CloudLinux.

Nate Kennison is the DevOps Engineer at Hivelocity and had this to say: At Hivelocity, we’re all about giving our customers the tools they need to succeed. By offering a wider variety of RHEL compatible Linux distributions, like AlmaLinux, we’re making it easier for our customers to build and maintain systems that best serve the needs of their business. In an industry that’s ever-changing, it’s important our customers feel they always have access to the latest and greatest options available.

It launched in the first quarter of 2021, and AlmaLinux is an RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) fork that is built to fill the gaps left after CentOS Linux development ended up being terminated in December of 2020.

It features a 1 to 1 binary compatible fork of RHELL 8, and promises continued support through 2029. AlmaLinux has an Intention of providing users with an ongoing alternative to environments that are built with or around the CentOS distribution of Linux. If you are an existing CentOS user, or just want a free and reliable alternative, AlmaLinux could be the solution that you have been waiting for.

When it comes to upgrading from a previous CentOS distribution, AlmaLinux has made the process simplistic in nature.

You see, it is instantaneous and features zero downtime, all it requires is a minimal investment of time, and this makes switching distributions a simple process. With CloudLinux costing $1 million a year when it comes to its support, users know that their system, as well as their customers, are managed by Linux experts.

Furthermore, by combining AlmaLinux with Hivelocity’s premium dedicated server solution, you have the ability to combine the same level of industry expertise with your complete hosting solution.

When it comes to Hivelocity as a whole, they have over 20 years of experience and provide their users with an experience and level of knowledge they can trust. They feature hourly billing options as well as public RESTful API, bare-metal solutions, and can be easily managed as a cloud through Hivelocity.


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"Hivelocity Adds AlmaLinux to Its Custom Server Options"

Hivelocity Adds AlmaLinux to Its Custom Server Options