GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review: User & Expert Reviews

Today, I will present my latest findings regarding GoDaddy, a managed WordPress hosting provider. GoDaddy is one of the largest reputable hosts and domain name registrars. They offer tons of web storage, and their performance is good.

Even though GoDaddy was founded as a domain registrar, they provide many services from website builders to web hosting to digital storage, accounting, email, online security, and much more. GoDaddy has over 7,000 employees worldwide and more than 20 million customers as of June 2020. They’re in bustling metropolises from Silicon Valley to Scottsdale, Cambridge to Belgrade, San Francisco to Seattle.

So, I decided to put GoDaddy to the test. If you’re looking for a web hosting provider that will be able to take care of maintaining your WordPress site backed up and secure, you will surely be interested in this review.

What does GoDaddy provide in terms of ease of use, features, and customer support? Are there any drawbacks to their services? Let’s go ahead and get started!

Getting Started with GoDaddy

With the rise of popularity of WordPress, GoDaddy has pushed its WordPress Hosting product.

Note: According to Kinsta, WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

As you can see from the WordPress hosting page on GoDaddy, they offer WordPress hosting that is simple to set up with custom, pre-made themes. When you scroll down the WordPress Hosting page on GoDaddy, you will see the benefits of WordPress hosting.

These include a temporary domain name, the latest version of PHP 7, a one-click migration tool, free 24/7 support, SFTP access (Ecommerce, Ultimate, and Deluxe plans). Beginners get a drag and drop page editor and pre-built sites, access to thousands of free plugins and themes, automatic WordPress security updates and core software, a business email that is free for the first years, CDN Boost for faster load times of up to 50%, and 99.9% uptime guarantee and a money-back guarantee.

Now, you know that I’m here to try out these plans. So, I scrolled down to the WordPress Hosting plans and prices to see which one of the plans I was going to get.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress plans

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

GoDaddy offers four custom solutions and plans. You can decide to opt-out of the Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, or Ecommerce plan.

The Basic plan features are great if you receive up to 25K visitors per month. You get a free domain, a free business mail for the first year, 30 GB of storage, a free SSL certificate, website backup protection with 1-click restore, and automatic daily malware scans.

The Deluxe plan is an ideal choice if you’re receiving up to 100K visitors per month. With this plan, you get the features you get with the Basic plan, except you receive 75 GB storage, a 1-click testing site, and an SEO optimizer.

With the Ultimate plan, you get the features you get with the Deluxe plan, plus unlimited visitors and unlimited storage.

Lastly, there is the Ecommerce plan, which has all of the features of the Deluxe plan, as well as real-time shipping rates, appointment scheduling, free access to top premium WooCommerce extensions, and unlimited products.

Keep in mind that if you decide to go with an annual plan, you get a 23% discount.

I always purchase the cheapest option of them all, and in this case, that will be the monthly option for the Basic Plan. So, I just went ahead and clicked on Buy.

On the right side of the screen, you will see your Cart, so just go ahead and click on Continue to Cart to continue with your purchase.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

It will take you to the Purchase page, where you can check the hosting plan and select the duration you want to purchase the plan for. After you’ve selected the duration for which you’re purchasing the hosting, or in my case, one month, you get your subtotal, and you can go ahead and pay by clicking I’m Ready to Pay.

Important: According to GoDaddy, If you’re not happy with your purchase, their GoDaddy guides can be contacted any time of the day, any day of the year, and they will make sure that they make it right.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

After you’ve clicked on I’m Ready to Pay; you’ll be taken to the Sign In section. Here, you need to pick whether you will continue with Facebook, Google, or Email.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

I decided to go with my email, so I clicked on Continue with Email.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Next, you will need to enter your email, username, and password. After you’ve done this, you will need to enter your billing information.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

You’ll be required to enter your country/region, first and last name, phone number, address, zip code, province/region, and city. The optional fields include address cont., organization, and tax ID. After you’ve entered all of the information, click on Save.

Once you’re done entering the billing information, you will need to enter the details regarding your payment method and click on Review Order.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Lastly, review the information you’ve entered and click on Complete Purchase.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Setting Things Up at GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

After completing the purchase, you will be taken to your account. Here, you can get started with creating a WordPress site by clicking on Create WP Site.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

You will get offered a few options, from browsing WordPress templates that you can customize with your own content and images to choosing your own theme and builder and using default WordPress to migrating your site. If you click on Use Default WordPress, you will be taken to the following screen.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Here you will need to create a WordPress login by entering your WordPress username and WordPress password.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Then, you will need to pick your location for GoDaddy to find the data center nearest to you. You will need to wait a few minutes for your site to be created.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Once the site is created, you can choose to edit your site’s design, add a custom design, or go to your hosting dashboard.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

On your hosting dashboard, in the Overview section, you can view your site, check for updates, edit your website design, revise your website pages, add photos to your website, and build a better WordPress website.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

For instance, when you click on edit your website design, you will go to the Customizer, where you will be able to change the appearance of your site.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress


In the Backups section, you will be able to restore databases and files from the past 30 days.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

All you need to do is select the restore type, more specifically whether it’s a database, files, or files and database.

In the Tools section, you will be able to see Troubleshooting, File Browser, and Website Performance.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

In the Settings section, You can manage your domains, the services like SSL Certificate and Local backups; you can see the plan details, Staging Site, and Production Site.

Now, let’s go back to the hosting dashboard. If you choose Migrate My Site instead of Use Default WordPress, you need to enter the site you want to migrate. When you click on Next, you will agree the migration is subject to The Terms and Conditions of GoDaddy’s Privacy Policy and Hosting Agreement.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

On the other hand, if you choose Browse Templates instead of Use Default WordPress, you will get a bunch of templates for your website, as well as many different categories you can choose from.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Performance, Speed, and Uptime

When it comes to the performance of GoDaddy, it offers some features that boost the speed. For instance, GoDaddy has clustered, load-balanced server environments and the servers are optimized for WordPress. In addition, they are able to handle spikes in traffic that, in other cases, can crash your site.

In addition, the WordPress plans of GoDaddy offer out-of-the-box CDN integration for increased speed of the site.

When it comes to uptime, there is a 99.9% uptime guarantee that GoDaddy provides. If GoDaddy fails to meet the requirement, customers can request account credits in the amount of 5% of their bill for the month.

Level of Support at GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers its support every day of the year. One of the easiest ways to contact a customer support team member is to reach them through the phone.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

In addition, you can ask for help on the community forums or look through the GoDaddy Help articles.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Lastly, you can just click on Contact Us on the bottom right screen or click on Chat Now in the section Contact Us.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

According to the refund policy of GoDaddy, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Since I am eligible for a refund, I wanted to see if GoDaddy would give me my money back like they said they would.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Once I typed in my problem, they asked me to find out whether I was eligible for a refund and if I was, that they would connect me with a person. The answer came in a matter of seconds.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

After I selected Connect with a person, a member of the customer support team contacted me, asking how they could be of assistance.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress


The agent will ask for your customer number and PIN in order to proceed with the process. After you’ve provided these details, they will validate your account and check the details.

Furthermore, they will ask you whether you want to proceed with the cancellation since you will lose access to your plan or any related data. Also, they will ask you whether you want the refund in store credit or back to the same payment method.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

The agent with whom I communicated replied very quickly to my messages. They told me that I would get the refund within 5 to 7 days in the same mode of payment. After that period passed, I got my refund.

screenshot of GoDaddy WordPress

Security and Backups

GoDaddy has the resources and scale to preventively deal with security issues that smaller hosting providers cannot. The restrictive policies that GoDaddy has been able to keep the attacks and spam out.

They offer malware monitoring and removal, which is basically an antivirus for your website. The plans start with removal and basic scanning of malware and move up to include web application firewall, content delivery network, and more. The malware scanning is available for all types of WordPress plans.

In addition, you get a free SSL certificate for the duration of the hosting. High-level certificates are especially important if you’re planning to use your site to sell something online, which is exactly what GoDaddy has.

When it comes to backups, it is important to note that the backups are retained for 30 days. What this means is that you will be able to restore your data during the past 30 days. In case of site migration, or if you want emergency access, you can also download the copies of your backups to the local storage. Daily backups are also included in all of the WordPress plans that GoDaddy offers.

Specific Features of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

There are a specific set of features that GoDaddy offers, and these include:

  • SEO Tools: The SEO, or search engine optimization plugin they offer, handles all of your basic SEO needs and reviews your pages automatically so that Google is able to find your site.
  • Automated And Managed Tasks: You have WordPress installed and set up with your hosting plan. GoDaddy makes sure that you always have the latest WordPress version, your site is backed up nightly, and all the updates for security are applied.
  • Built-In Performance And Speed: GoDaddy have features that are high-performance, such as load-balanced servers on their platform that are optimized for WordPress. Your site will be ready for any spikes in traffic that might occur, thanks to their clustered server environment.
  • Malware Scan And Removal: The information of your clients can be stolen by hackers who use malware, which in turn will ruin your reputation and will deface your website. Malware is found and removed before any damage is caused, thanks to their Website Security feature that is included in the Ecommerce and Ultimate plans.
  • Daily Backups: All of the databases, files, and everything on your site are updated by GoDaddy every night, and the backup is kept safe for a whole month. All you need is one click if you want to restore a certain file.
  • Migration Of Your Existing Site: With only one click, you will be able to migrate your WordPress site to GoDaddy, thanks to the auto-migration feature. Their support staff will guide you through the process if you want to use a custom login page.

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting


  • A Good Amount Of Storage
  • 24/7 Available Customer Support
  • A Single Dashboard For Management
  • Affordable Domains (Free For The First Year)


  • WP Plans Support One Website


The WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy is specifically optimized for WordPress users in terms of accessibility and speed. The WordPress plans start at $9.99 per month, including a free SSL certificate, free business email, free domain, and 30 GB of storage. This plan will do wonders for your site if you get up to 25K visitors per month. There are three additional WordPress plans, and the more you pay per month, the deal gets even sweeter.

All in all, the WordPress Hosting plans by GoDaddy have pretty attractive features and proper performance, and this is especially true for online stores. I hope that my in-depth review of GoDaddy will be useful when you’re making decisions regarding hosting.

GoDaddy is a hosting provider that is affordable and offers all of the features that you might need. With GoDaddy, you won’t have to get third-party features that you will need to ingrate with your website or shop around to make your site functional.

However, the biggest disadvantage of the WordPress plans by GoDaddy is that they only support one website. You will need to look into its Pro Plans if you want to host several sites. What is also important to mention for those users who don’t have that much experience in WordPress is that a lot of the features that GoDaddy lists are available for free with WooCommerce, Yoast, and Sucuri.


What are the benefits of WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy?

With WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy, you get the latest version of PHP7, 24/7 customer support, CDN boost for faster load times up to 50%, a temporary domain name, one-click migration tool, SFTP access, thousands and thousands of free plugins and themes, temporary business email, 99.9% uptime guarantee, drop page editor, money-back guarantee, and pre-built sites.

Does GoDaddy work well with WordPress?

The WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy will make creating your first WordPress site a piece of cake. It offers a lot of features that will help beginners, such as 24/7 support and core software updates.

What does the Ecommerce plan by GoDaddy offer?

Every aspect of your store can be customized, from category names and product displays to shipping and payments. The Ecommerce plan by GoDaddy comes with plenty of premium extensions, including WooCommerce Brands, Advanced Notifications, and a pre-installed online store that is powered by WooCommerce.

How much does WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy cost?

It is completely free to get WordPress. However, what you pay for at GoDaddy when you’re getting a WordPress hosting plan is to have everything handled for you. They ensure your site is fast enough, everything is running smoothly and is updated, and even the installation of WordPress is handled for you.

Is GoDaddy a reliable web hosting provider when it comes to WordPress?

Yes, GoDaddy is definitely a reliable web hosting provider when it comes to WordPress websites. GoDaddy has huge resources, and it runs a massive operation. What this means in terms of your WordPress website is that they will be able to resolve the issues you’re facing in a much quicker manner than other web hosting providers. However, keep in mind that they are often targeted because of their popularity, which means that outages can be quite long and large when they occur.