GoDaddy: The Good, the Bad, and the Verdict

Written by: , Aug. 9, 2018

Godaddy Review

What is GoDaddy?

Ask anyone and they won’t blink twice at the name as if they are just hearing it for the first time. Doesn’t matter if you are in any way interested in website developing or not, everyone knows GoDaddy, or has at least come across the name. Everyone has seen the iconic super bowl ads or is somewhat familiar to Danica Patrick, the spokesperson.

Previously known as Jomax Technologies, GoDaddy was found almost over two decades ago, back in 1997, in Baltimore, Maryland. The founder, Bob Parsons, sold his previously owned company to Intuit for a whopping $65 million just a few years prior to establishing GoDaddy, which is now undoubtedly one of the biggest domain register company all over the world. With over six thousand experts working at GoDaddy, this company is catering to 17 million customers, not only in the United States but all across the globe. Their success is undeniable if you take into account the $ 2,231,900,000 they have earned in revenue just this last year alone, according to sources in Wikipedia.

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Having said that, how big a web hosting company is does not really matter. Unlike in most industries, the degree of success does not directly relate to how good a company is in terms of its service and performance. Funnily enough, domain registers who cater to a huge number of people and earn a lot have a very poor service.

Therefore, instead of just blindly trusting in numbers, we have decided to see for ourselves if GoDaddy actually live up to its name and reputation. After building a website through WordPress, we have carefully noticed the uptime and speed of the website.

Here are what we have found. So without further ado, here are all the goods and the bad of GoDaddy and whether or not you should consider making use of their services yourself.

The Advantages of GoDaddy

With their 20 years of existence, they are bound to have gathered some knowledge and overcome a lot of their obstacles. Here are the reasons why so many customers rely on and trust GoDaddy:

1. A great track record of a 99.96% uptime

Right out of the bat, we can say the uptime of our test website is great, with an average of 99.96% over the course of the six months we have been testing them. The lowest uptime we have faced was only 99.91% which is comparatively still very great, and the highest we have seen is a full 100%. Suffice to say, we were very impressed.

2. Fantastic speed

You have to understand why your website speed is such an important thing. If your host cannot provide a good speed, then it’s high time you look for a replacement.

Having higher speed can possibly mean that you will have higher search ranks in various search engines, leading to more visitors which inevitably means more revenues overall. A study shows that almost 80% of the customers will not return to a website for purchase if they had an undesirable experience when it came to the site’s speed. In fact, Google has created an entire toolset for speed since it is that important.

Over the past several months, we have been really blown away by GoDaddy’s performance in terms of speed, as we faced an average of 394.6ms. GoDaddy is definitely competing for the top position now.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the average speed for each month of the test.

1st month: 420ms

2nd month: 389ms

3rd month: 363ms

4th month: 415ms

5th month: 386ms

6th month: 395ms

3. More than just domains and hosting services

Apart from providing domains and hosting services, GoDaddy has in store for you any and every product that you can possibly think or want for your website. In their store, you can find a handful of plugins and other complimentary add-ons that would work great with your website.

First of all, once you do a setup with GoDaddy, you will have access to GoCentral which is their website builder, which you can use easily to create the perfect website for you. You will also have access to at least 125 applications in their arsenal that you can install to truly make your website uniquely yours and make it work to what you need it to.

The best part of all of this? Half of your work is done for you. All you have to do is select the items you want and add it to your cart before they hand it off to web design professionals to set it all in place while you sit back and relax.

The Disadvantages of GoDaddy

So far what we have seen sounds and is great. Consistent uptime and great speed. However, nobody is perfect and GoDaddy too, just like all other companies, have their downsides. Having said that, compared to these other big brands, who are now surviving on their brand name alone, GoDaddy is not careless and has overall a great performance.

But these few issues we have found may be a bit too big for some to overlook.

1. The lowest priced plan is limited

GoDaddy’s lowest plan retails for $2.94 per month, which you would think is great, isn’t it? It sounds great until the time you realize all the basic necessities that are required in a website is not factored into this price.

This is the ‘Economy’ plan where you can only host one website, which is fine for most people and you would think would be the perfect one for you. Except, it does not include SSL certificates, CDN’s, or even backups, which are core necessities, to say the least. So, when all these are taken into account, the price isn’t so cheap after all.

2. A lot of upsells and high renewal fees

Having an SSL certificate is a must have for all websites now, or otherwise, Google will deem it “insecure” which will undoubtedly drive a lot of customers away. While most hosting companies will give you this for free, GoDaddy has a renewal fee for $75 the following years you continue to use it.

Let this be an example and have you aware that this is not the only upsell this company has. A reason why you should read the fine print.

3. High prices for renewing hosting

Again, the Economy price is only $2.49 per month, but when you add in all the necessities as if they were extras, the price can go as high as $7.99. But that is excluding the fact that renewal prices are stomach churning.

Pricing and the hosting plans offered

Let’s take a look at all the hosting plans and their respective prices offered by GoDaddy:

  1. ECONOMY: $2.49/month
  •         One basic website at $2.49 per month (for the first year only)
  1. DELUXE: $4.99/month
  •         Unlimited websites at $4.99 per month (for only the first year)
  1. ULTIMATE: $7.99/month
  •         More features and has more power
  •         And an SSL certificate at $7.99 per month (for the first year only)
  1. BUSINESS HOSTING: $19.99/month     
  • Dedicated VPS
  • SSL Certificate
  • ($19.99 per month for only the first year)
  • You do get a free domain, which is only free for the first year. The renewal price is quite hefty.
  • It does have a pretty easy process for signup
  • Easy and straightforward payment process. Accepts all cards and even PayPal.
  • Has fast account activation
  • Has a lot of upsells and a lot of hidden fees
  • Uses cPanel for their control panel and dashboard
  • Easy 1-click installations for their apps and CMS’ (like Joomla, or WordPress)

Verdict: Do we recommend it?

You cannot really beat the fact that GoDaddy is well-known and has been over the last two decades of their existence.  The fact that they have been around for a while makes them quite reliable and trustworthy and often makes sense why so many users opt for them too. They have great uptime and has impressive speed which is one of the most important elements that a website should have.

However, with their cons being some of the worst, it is very hard to recommend them wholeheartedly. There are a lot of other web hosts that perform better and does not have high renewal and hidden fees.

Eliran Ouzan is the Co. Founder and designer of HostAdvice and also owns Moonshot Marketing LTD, a leading web design & development firm and was a member at GreenPeace. Widely known for his pixel-perfect and high conversion rate web designs. Over the course of his web experience he experimeneted with over 200 web hosting companies and have a superior knowledge on what defines a good hosting company.

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"GoDaddy: The Good, the Bad, and the Verdict"

GoDaddy: The Good, the Bad, and the Verdict