DigitalOcean Review – Affordable Developer-Friendly Cloud Hosting

Company Overview

DigitalOcean has proved itself to be one of the most reliable web hosting providers. It specializes in cloud hosting and can deliver many convenient features for the developers. Simplicity is at the center of its design and thus makes things easier to understand for the clients. At present, 195 countries across the world are using DigitalOcean to host their websites.

Company Overview

Key Benefits

Below are the main points we focus on while reviewing any hosting provider. Let’s see how well DigitalOcean does in these factors:


All of DigitalOcean data centers spread around the world are always under on-site physical security. The staff in each location make sure that these servers perform up to their potential and prevent any cybercriminal from breaching their security system. There is full CCTV coverage on both internal and external sections of each facility. If the battery power goes down, backup generators turn on to keep up the hosted site.

Their security team keeps all systems and users under monitoring to identify any malicious activity or entity. For secure financial transactions, the two PCI-DSS compliant entities Stripe and PayPal supervise the customer payments.

Backup Frequency

Using NAS/SAN servers, DigitalOcean keeps the snapshots and data backups safe on an internal network. This automated backup continually runs 24x7 and thus keeps the infrastructure secure.

However, only the engineering team have the privilege to access these backups, and they cost an additional amount of 20% of your monthly hosting plan price. Similarly, snapshots carry a charge of $0.05 for each GB of space per month. Users can manually create snapshots any time.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, DigitalOcean does not offer live chat or phone support for the customers. Instead, you would submit a trouble ticket. Digital Ocean's good about responding to trouble tickets quickly and the support reps are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Also, Digital Ocean has a some of the best tutorials and documentation available, and an active community. Customers help each other through the forums.

Value For Price

Compared to its competitors, DigitalOcean is pretty affordable. Its hosting plans begin at $5 per month with minimal resources like 1GB memory, 25GB SSD disk, and 1TB transfer.

There are a few hosting providers who provide such resources at a lower price, but most of them offer so in shared hosting. DigitalOcean is much more affordable than most cloud hosting providers.

Hosting Plans

DigitalOcean refers to its virtual machines as Droplets. They come with a fixed amount of resources like memory, processors, storage, and transfers. If you cross the storage or transfer limit, you will need to make additional payments of $0.02 per GB or $0.01 per GB respectively. They come in the following two packages:

1. Standard Droplets

Standard Droplets include the most basic plans starting at $5 per month. Their resources can range from 1GB to 192GB memory, 1 to 32 vCPUs, 25GB to 3840GB SSD disk storage and 1TB to 12TB transfers every month. By signing up for the highest amount of these resources, you will have to pay a total of $960 per month. These packages are most suitable for simple web applications like blogging.

2. CPU Optimized Droplets

These plans include optimized virtual machines which operate on dedicated hyper-threads. As a result, they can be the perfect choice for running CPU intensive applications such as machine learning, video encoding, and ad serving.

DigitalOcean came up with this category of plans due to having a vast number of programmers in their clients list. The plans range from $40 to $640 per month. The resources include 4GB to 64GB memory, 2 to 32 vCPUs, 25GB to 400GB SSD disk space and 4TB to 9TB transfer.

The Good

Here are the major positive sides of hosting your site on DigitalOcean:

Good Performance

By utilizing the perks of cloud hosting and their reach of resources, DigitalOcean can make sure that your website stays up 100% of the time. The website performance also excels due to their use of fast SSD storage in all plans. The combined power of such features makes every website hosted on DigitalOcean incredibly fast.

Optimized CPU

Keeping the need of highly capable processing units for programmers in mind, DigitalOcean recently brought out the CPU-optimized hosting plans. This enabled the developers to pick a plan with any CPU size they need. These special plans also provide an increased speed which makes the website run 21% faster than the standard hosting plans.

Two Storage Types

You can make use of the two storage types - block and object. Block storage offers you space for encrypted structured data which can replicate across multiple server racks. The object storage, named Spaces, is for storing huge chunks of unstructured data like multimedia. You can access it without a dedicated web server.

Load Balancing

You can also distribute the heavy incoming traffic across all your droplets with load balancing. This can ensure 100% uptime for your website.

Private Networking

The droplets assigned to you co-existing in the same data center can communicate within themselves without any extra cost. The total bandwidth limit will not take their communication into account.

Team Accounts

You can collaborate with other team members here. All of your security will be intact through the two-factor authentication. The billing can also be centralized with just one invoice here.


More than 550,000 developers build the huge customer base of DigitalOcean. Along with the user-friendly control panel and CPU-optimized hosting plans, it offers six Linux distributions allowing more freedom for the developers.

One-Click Apps

You can install any app from its collection like MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, Ruby On Rails, Ghost, etc.

12 Geographically Dispersed Data Centers

DigitalOcean currently operates on twelve data centers spread across eight locations across the globe. The locations include USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and India. So your site can run on the closest data center and thus provide a much smoother user experience to the visitors.

The Bad

Now it’s time to look at the few possible drawbacks of Digital Ocean:

No Live Chat or Phone Support

You can only contact support by opening a trouble ticket so if you need phone support Digital Ocean is probably not a good fit for you. Digital Ocean does respond promptly to trouble tickets.

Flawed Money-Back Policy

The money-back policy or conditions of DigitalOcean include some inconveniences. You will not get a full refund if you cancel your account. No matter how long you have used it, they will deduct the first month’s charge from your full payment. They will deliver the rest to your bank account.


DigitalOcean is an excellent fit for developers seeking to deploy web applications, and for technical users who like having more control over their hosting. It's an excellent choice for companies with technical staff or contractors available.

Digital Ocean would also be an outstanding fit for someone who wants to learn Linux system administration, using Digital Ocean flexible VPS deployment, excellent documentation, and helpful community as resources.

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"DigitalOcean Review – Affordable Developer-Friendly Cloud Hosting"

DigitalOcean Review – Affordable Developer-Friendly Cloud Hosting