Launches CrateDB Edge, Expanding Its CrateDB Cloud announces the launch of CrateDB Edge as a new solution that enables its customers to capture and analyze data at the data source, regardless of geographical location.

The CrateDB Edge will bring the capabilities of CrateDB Cloud to edge locations. So for the first time, it will not matter whether customers have cloud or internet accessibility.

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Eva Schönleitner, who serves the role as a CEO of, had this to say:

This new round of funding enables us to accelerate our commercialization efforts. We will focus on expanding across several verticals where database technologies are key enablers of digital transformation. In addition, we will be broadening our developer and partner community ecosystem. Industry 4.0 initiatives require a ‘team effort.’ Combining forces with leading technology providers and implementers will be essential in order to enable customers to realize the expected operational and technological benefits. The engagement across our ecosystem is key to long-term success, and we are building a solid foundation this year. is the developer and supplier of CrateDB, a completely open-source time-series SQL database. The company has designed the product to ingest and query millions of data points per second. In turn, it can provide companies with actionable insights in real-time.

They founded in June 2013 and are based in Berlin and Dornbirn. In addition, the team has offices in San Francisco; thus, it’s remote-friendly. Currently, they intend to provide total flexibility to digital transformation by making CrateDB available in the cloud, at the edge, and on-premises.

Christian Lutz, who serves the role of a Co-Founder and President at, had this to say:

The growing importance of machine data analytics and AI demand specifically built data technologies. A distributed SQL architecture that scales horizontally in any cloud and edge enables customers and developers to capture and process the volume of machine data in real-time and at scale, accelerating their success in implementing digital transformation projects.

The CrateDB Edge will deliver complete data ownership and privacy, seamless integration with existing infrastructure, real-time analytics on edge, and cross-cluster asynchronous sync. has received an additional $10 million in investment for its purpose-built time-series database from its existing public investors, including Draper Esprit, Vito Ventures, Flatz & Partners AG, and few private investors. In turn, this raised the company’s total investment to $31 million.


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" Launches CrateDB Edge, Expanding Its CrateDB Cloud" Launches CrateDB Edge, Expanding Its CrateDB Cloud