CloudLinux Releases UChecker Security Tool for Linux Servers

CloudLinux releases the UChecker as a security tool to improve Linux’s operational security. Licensed under the GPLv2, the security tool works with all modern Linux distributions under the GNU General Public License.

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In general, users find Linux as a more secure alternative than Windows. However, CloudLinux takes things to another level by incorporating the UChecker in its TuxCare security services.

The UChecker, Userspace Checker, scans Linux servers to detect outdated shared libraries on disk and memory. It analyzes which application uses a vulnerable library, relevant process ID, and process name. In turn, the user can detect which libraries need an update.

It also reports on vulnerable libraries running in memory that might be missed by other scanners and find false negatives, unlike other similar tools.

Dirk Schrader, who serves the role of a global vice president at New Net Technologies, had this to say:

Depending on security workflows in place, admins might want to run this first as to reduce the number of vulnerabilities reported by the regular scanning activities, or they will use it to validate results from these scans. Either way, it helps address some of the basic security controls an organization should have in place, related to asset inventory and control.

UChecker provides two options regarding library updates. First, users can update the libraries using a packaging system, then reboot the servers using the old school way. They can also restart all the processes. In turn, the TuxCare LibraryCare service’s live patching capability applies security patches to OpenSSL and Glibc libraries. Thus, it eliminates the need for a reboot.

Linux users can integrate the UChecker with monitoring, logging, and management tools for enhanced server security defenses.

Yaniv Bar-Dayan, who serves the role as co-founder and CEO of Vulcan Cyber, had this to say:

The challenge is always making sure to have scan coverage for the blind spot you may or may not know exists. We’d recommend taking a close look at IT asset inventories first to identify whether or not you might have vulnerable libraries running in memory. If so, UChecker combined with other vulnerability scanners can provide effective, full coverage.

According to CloudLinux, TuxCare Linux Support Services provides regular patches and updates for all components of enterprise Linux systems. It also comes with 24/7 incident support, even when systems are past their End-of-Life (EOL).


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"CloudLinux Releases UChecker Security Tool for Linux Servers"

CloudLinux Releases UChecker Security Tool for Linux Servers