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Global content delivery network (CDN) provider Cloudflare makes two announcements with a single goal, to help build greener Internet with no carbon emissions entirely powered by renewable energy.

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First, Cloudflare commits to power its network with 100% renewable energy, building on the work it started in 2018. Second, Cloudflare aims to remove all historical carbon its global network has emitted since its founding by 2025.

Furthermore, Cloudflare is releasing its first annual carbon emissions inventory report to track and mitigate its emissions. In turn, the public will assess how the CDN provider calculates its carbon emissions and renewable energy purchases.

The Carbon Impact Report will allow Cloudflare users to understand and quantify their unique footprints and approximate savings coming from this network. Also, they can receive advice on decreasing their carbon footprint.

Cloudflare has announced the availability of sustainable edge computing services and energy-saving capabilities. Thus, it will allow companies to incorporate sustainability into their applications, websites, and networks.

Matthew Prince, who serves the role of a co-founder, and CEO of Cloudflare, had this to say:

Internet usage has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, growing over 80 percent on our network, and is showing no signs of slowing down. For every search you do, online order you make, and video call you to join, there is an environmental impact from the physical data centers, servers, and other physical infrastructure the Internet relies on. We want to give the Internet a clean slate to help build toward a future where it’s easy for anyone to create, build, and run their applications on green energy while remaining secure, fast, and reliable.

With this innovation, entities can use the Green Compute on Cloudflare Workers with absolutely no code changes needed.

Businesses using Cloudflare Pages will automatically run on renewable energy. Better yet, they will receive green certification from The Green Web Foundation. So, they will be able to display it as a validated badge.

Chris Adams, who serves the role of co-director of The Green Web Foundation, had this to say:

We see a growing number of users relying on CDNs to host their sites, and they are often confused when their sites no longer show as green because they’re not using a green CDN. It’s good to see another more sustainable option available to users and one that is independently verified.

Cloudflare will further avoid needless crawls and energy consumption by notifying search engines of website content changes. All of their clients will receive access to this feature, thus fresher indexes with fewer resources.

The CDN provider incorporates Arm Neoverse-based processors in its edge servers. This has allowed them to achieved a 50% increase in requests per watt.

Chris Bergey, who serves the role of a senior vice president and general manager at Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm, had this to say:

Energy efficiency is part of Arm’s DNA, and we are pleased to see Cloudflare leverage the performance-per-watt benefits of Neoverse as they continue to build on and prioritize the overall efficiencies of its vast global network.