Bluehost Introduces Free WordPress Website Migration

Have you just signed up at Bluehost? You don’t need to spend extra money to transfer your site, as the web hosting company launches the free WordPress website migration offer.

The offer, which began on April 23, is still valid in October. It allows you to migrate only one WordPress website. The offer is available for qualifying sites within the first 30 days after signing up. So, if you have just signed up at Bluehost, it’s a great chance for you to enjoy the free WordPress website migration experience.

To be eligible for the offer, your WordPress site must be created with sites do not qualify. The website needs to be powered by WordPress version 4.7 or later. Also, it needs to be free of malware. Moreover, it cannot be a multi-site.

Bluehost informs that sites with over 40 GB file sizes do not qualify for the free WordPress website migration offer. Also, the database size needs to be less than 20 MB.

To get the offer, you must have a new shared hosting account. You can use it for only one time.

How to Claim the Free WordPress Migration Offer from Bluehost

You can claim the offer while signing up at Bluehost. Also, you can get it afterward by visiting the Marketplace. Make sure to get the offer within the first 30 days of signing up. Otherwise, it will expire for you.

If you want to get the offer while signing up, navigate to Bluehost’s WordPress Migration Page. Once you click the Migrate for Free button, you will see the eligible hosting plans. Choose the preferred plan and complete the other steps to create the Bluehost account.

Within the dashboard, navigate to the Migration Services page in the Bluehost Marketplace. You will find a free migration contact form. Once you fill it out and submit, the migration expert team will review your site to ensure that it qualifies for the offer. The experts will handle the rest and transfer the WordPress website to Bluehost. So, you will not have to face extra hassle.

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You can also get the offer within 30 days after signing up at Bluehost. Simply sign in and click the Marketplace tab from the side navigation menu. Then navigate to Site Migration > Get Started Now. Now, you will see the option of purchasing the WordPress site migration at $0.

After purchasing the migration for free, you will receive an email with a link. Click on it. You will be taken to the website transfer form. Fill it out with the necessary information and submit. If you qualify for the free WordPress website migration offer, you will get a confirmation from the Professional Services team within 48 hours.

Bluehost deals with the site transfer by itself. Also, there is no cost. In this way, you can enjoy a stress-free WordPress website migration experience without spending any money.


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"Bluehost Introduces Free WordPress Website Migration"

Bluehost Introduces Free WordPress Website Migration