Best web hosting for students and teachers

When it comes to hosting and managing a website it’s a key fundamental part that research is done prior to committing yourself to a lengthy contract with a company, who are offering their hosting solutions at an expensive fee. Today, there are hundreds of web hosting companies on the Internet claiming to offer the best features, the best prices and the best functionality but not all web hosting platforms are made equal.Students

Hosting companies such as Siteground, FastComet and InMotion are some of the most popular hosting providers, with servers based all around the world from America, to Europe, right through to Asia and beyond. With creation tools and great customer service levels from each of these providers it will help transpire your educational institute into the new digital age.

In an age where technology is constantly evolving and pushing barriers, we now see educational institutes embracing technology in classrooms. Whether its interactive whiteboards, tablets, mobile apps that sync with other devices, or mini-blogs setup by students in order to inspire their creative minds. There is no doubt that education and technology are the perfect partnership in the continual learning curve for both students and teachers.

For teaching staff a website also makes life easy by allowing them to communicate with students outside classroom hours, but also offers them a chance to digitally send out newsletters in the form of blog posts, as well as organising key events throughout the school calendar that can be tracked all in one place, and updated accordingly.

For students they can take to their own mini-blogs to create stories, diaries or experiment with design ideas and coding. The possibilities really are endless and the best part is that they can utilise these platforms whenever they need to, not just in learning hours.

Web Hosting Plans for Students and Teachers

The general uses of websites by teachers and students doesn’t differ from any other organisation out there, they are used in the same practical manner so the top web hosting list you see here on Hosting Advice will still be the best solution for educational purposes and establishments as well. The key is not to just dive in and select the most expensive plan that is available on our top hosting list, because that doesn’t always mean that you are going to be getting the best deal that there is.

More often than not the cheaper plans are usually the ideal solutions because they have all the necessary basics to help you get your website off the ground, and in a classroom environment that may consist of 20 – 30 students, who all need their own hosting and website package, the costs can soon mount up with the more expensive plans.

The Three Main Features that are Ideal for Students and Teachers

Content Management Systems, admin panels, and drag-and-drop features are all now central elements that are offered by your web hosting companies because they allow for even the most basic of users to be able to create their own professional looking website within minutes. These three main features allow complete website control and management for teachers, and enough flexibility for students to be able to excel in their chosen fields.