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Best web hosting for startups

One key area for startups is getting themselves onto the Internet in some form or another, building a presence and allowing their brand and product to be seen by the masses. More often than not they want something that they can put together quickly and that is why so many startups choose the path of complete hosting solutions.Startup Stock Photos
Web hosting companies such as InMotion Hosting provide your usually shared hosting options with all the trimmings but they even offer VPS and Dedicated hosting servers, so if you have a large start-up with a large budget then these are additional services that can be looked into for your venture. If its budget driven decisions that are at the forefront of which hosting provider you go with, then you cant really go wrong with SiteGround’s extremely cheap and cheerful monthly prices.

From signing up a website can be built using the drag-and-drop technology and published live to the Internet within minutes, but the decisions for choosing the best web hosting for startups comes way before that.

Most startup companies are restricted to budgets, therefore they are out to look for the most cost effective web hosting that money can buy, similar to small business hosting, there is no real difference to what you see offered here in our top web hosting platforms as they will all do the job for you at a low-cost price.

Generally hosting should comprise of great reliability, backups, 24/7 support and a good chunk of bandwidth and storage thrown into the mix so that any startup on tight purse strings can get themselves up and running without any high additional costs thrown in.

All-in-one web hosts are usually the best solution for startups as they offer everything from a free domain name, free marketing tools and coupons, and all the features you can come across. They really are the complete package, and because of the low monthly costs it’s the simple, quick and effective way for startups to take something straight out of the box and run with it.