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Best web hosting for photographers, designers and other visual artists

Art is a form of expression and as such an artist, designer or photographer will base their websites around heavily image based ideas and concepts so it’s important when choosing a hosting provider that bandwidth, storage and themes all cater for these factors.

When researching the best web hosting platforms you need to take into account how your portfolio is going to look, as it needs to showcase your work to the wider audiences, but you can do all this without spending a fortune. Unlimited web hosting providers such as SiteGround offer cheap hosting without any compromising on quality, reliability or support so are well-worth looking into. You also have the strong contenders such as InMotion who offer great quality eCommerce support.

With everything under one roof you can begin to unlock your true potential and get your image based site up and running in no time.

These days web hosting providers include a very important feature for novices, beginners, and those that just don’t have the time in a given day, that feature is known as the drag-and-drop feature which allows you complete control over how your website looks without the need to learn any coding languages or pay thousands to website developers and designers.

When looking for a web host you need to look for the range of themes that are offered, because this will undoubtedly be one of the first port-of-calls you look for, along with decent bandwidth and storage caps (preferably unlimited, so as your business and site grows you can keep scaling it up without the worry of paying extra or having to jump ship to another hosting provider. As well as this you want reliability to play a key part in your decision, as well as a possible eCommerce system that can allow you to sell your art, photos or services to the general public.