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Our 4 Days Breakthrough Challenge

Over the past several months we've spent on creating Host Advice, we've been constantly asking ourselves countless questions, most of which have helped us figure our creative solutions to many problems we’ve been facing. We simply asked each other non-stop questions - and solved them together.

It was almost like a little game for us, and coming up with smart questions and figuring them out became almost an addictive and very rewarding pass-time. The result of this continuing mental exercise was the website you’re on right now – one that is far better than what we have initially envisioned.

We've taken some of the best thought experiments we ran, and packed them in a
challenge-in-a-can form. The result is a short, simple and very rewarding challenge.

Our dare to you is simple: just answer the following questions, one day at a time.
Just go with your gut feeling. Ultimately, you will gain some serious insights about your business.

Ready? Here we go.

Day 1: Who are you?

This is our starting point. Today you'll figure you how do you perceive yourself, how the market perceives you and how far are these two concepts from one another.

  • How would you describe your product, service or brand?
  • How would your average customer describe it to others?
  • How would your most raving customer describe it?
  • How would your competition describe it?
  • How would you like them to describe it?

Day 2: Align with your customers’ needs

We only rarely understand why our customers really buy what they sell. Let's change that.

  • What do you sell to your customers?
  • Deep down in their guts, what is the innermost motive, need or desire that drives them to buy it? In other words, what do your customers really buy from you?

Day 3: Discovering potential

Are you dreaming big enough? This exercise will help you stretch the limits of your idea of possibility.

  • What is the pinnacle of success you dare to aspire to?
  • What is the true business potential of your product, service or brand?
  • What is your ultimate aspiration for the success of your business?

Day 4: Quantum Leaps

Quantum leaps are no quick fixes. Clever tools, giant strides breakthrough techniques can be found everywhere, you’ve just got to look for them. In fact, it’s kind of worth it – because your competitors are looking for these unfair advantages all the time, and you should too.

  • What small steps can you take to get a quantum leap advantage over your competitors?
  • What is the most important thing that your top competitors aren't doing yet, and that you could easily do?

That's it - this is our challenge to you. Dare to take it?
If you think over and answer the questions above seriously, we’re very confident that you are highly likely to come up with some profound insights and ideas. The outcome should be quite rewarding. Let us know how it goes.