15 Reasons to Choose WordPress For Your Website

WordPress is the Most Popular CMS for Good Reasons

As the internet has turned into a necessity from a luxury as entrepreneurs and other creative individuals have found a new home at WordPress, the leading Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

People considering WordPress hosting are flocking towards this platform to launch their dream website and benefit from its many perks.

We are here to present 15 WordPress perks so that you can decide for yourself whether WordPress is the best fit for you.

1. High Accessibility

WordPress has crossed the boundaries to serving CMS functionalities to only the typical user-base. It has given special attention to those with special needs. This includes the users who have physical or sensory disabilities.

The WordPress team keeps the factor of accessibility pretty high on their list of priorities which is why have a separate forum dedicated to the purpose.

2. High Scalability

WordPress has proved its high scalability many times. We all know how easy it is for a newbie to open up a blog for free on this platform. Similarly, the big names in various industries like CNN, New Yorker, Spotify, etc. have also put their trust in WordPress to take their business at greater heights.

So this platform can cater to all kinds of user groups and all sizes of organizations. You can quickly adapt it to the growing scale of your business over time.

3. Robust Security

You can keep your WordPress website as secure by implementing the platform’s security features. It allows you to keep the folders safe with password protection so that any unauthorized individual can’t access the stored contents.

There are some plugins as well dedicated to maintaining a robust security system for your site. You can also set up automated updates of WordPress core, plugins and themes to keep the latest security threats away from your site.

4. Most Reliable CMS

WordPress has a remarkable number of clients which amount to about 31.7% of the whole internet.

It currently stands at the topmost position among all the existing content management systems including Joomla and Drupal.

This astounding figure, along with its elite clientele, shows how reliable WordPress is as a platform.

5. Proactive Support

No matter what trouble you run into, the live chat support of WordPress will always be at your service to get you out of it. There is a dedicated WordPress support forum as well to help you out.

This warm and welcoming community extends their support to all levels of WordPress users by sharing their experiences on this platform and answering queries. If you want a similar proactive support system for your website, install the WP Live Chat Support plugin and let WordPress handle the rest.

6. Well Documented

If you are just a beginner, you can check out the blog posts and video tutorials to guide you through each step. The written and visual documentation on WordPress cover all necessary topics from installing a theme to troubleshooting a common issue.

All these knowledge resources can make you self-sufficient in the future. You will no longer need to wait for a response from experts or contact the support system to solve minor issues of your website.

7. Simplified SEO

The dos and don’ts of SEO are still not entirely clear or familiar to the general public. As a result, the beginners who want to launch their website often find it intimidating to follow the SEO requirements while setting up the site or its content.

WordPress makes the whole process a lot simpler with some handy features. Whenever you write a new blog post or create new content, it will let you know what elements the post must possess to score a high mark on SEO. Thus, you can fix the post accordingly before presenting it to your readers or customers.

8. Flexibility

You can take advantage of advanced customization features on WordPress. These features include the real-time customizer which allows you to modify bits and pieces of your site without any technical background.

The wide range of plugins enables its users to build any website – e-commerce, social networking or just blogging. So if you want maximum flexibility from your chosen CMS platform, WordPress would be the way to go.

9. Easy Content Creation

Anybody can start their WordPress journey with a few clicks. If you visit the Posts section in its menu drawer, you will find all the equipment required to begin writing a post. This page includes every component from a text editor, formatting tools to media.

As a result, the content creation process does not seem as intimidating or complicated to the beginner-level users. It motivates them to extend their stay on this platform and do more with the available tools.

10. Simple Content Updating

WordPress doesn’t make its users go through complex navigations of web pages to update its posts. The authorized users with access to that particular content can edit or update the piece conveniently from the simple visual editor. All you have to do is select the post, make the necessary changes and save them.

11. REST API for Developers

After proving its worth in the website business, WordPress is now looking forward to extending its functionalities to apps as well. For that reason, it has created a REST API which will allow developers to generate apps based on this established and widely popular platform. Such apps will enable users to try out its features in new ways and bring even more to the versatile world of WordPress.

12. Third-party Tools

If you have already grown familiar with specific third-party tools, you don’t have to worry about leaving them behind when you switch to WordPress. It will still let you use those tools by integrating them through a compatible plugin. Such tools may include payment gateways, email services, and many other essential components to run a secure and efficient business website.

13. Speed Optimizations

You can get the most out of WordPress by implementing specific speed optimizations to load your site even faster. Among these optimization options, there are lightweight themes, image reduction plugins (like WP Smush), advanced caching, GZip compression, and minimization of JavaScript and CSS files. Utilizing all these tools, you can reduce your page loading speed to less than a second.

14. Multilingual

WordPress is fully aware of its global reach and its massive user-base around the world. Apart from the standard English language, it also offers all conveniences of the platform to many other languages. WordPress is currently available in 169 languages, and if you somehow fail to find your preferred language here, there are plugins which can translate the whole platform into that language.

15. Affordable

Above all, WordPress is one of the more affordable CMS options out there. It is entirely free, to begin with, and the upgrades also come at a reasonable price compared to others. A massive number of plugins and themes are available without any charge.

Even with paid packages, you can run a standard WordPress website at a low price of just $60 per year.

WordPress has won over other competitions with its extensive plugins, cheap packages, and easy setup processes.

Because of these significant factors, the business elites and the beginners – both ends of the spectrum have confided in it for so long. You may join this league of successful people as well by launching your website on this popular platform.

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