Kennedy Mbuvi

Author: Kennedy Mbuvi

Ken is an expert in Linux System & Network Engineering, CMS Web & Software Development. Being a refined Telecom/Linux Engineer has enabled Ken to amass a wide gamut of practical technical skills and concepts. He's also been professionally registered as a Graduate Engineer (B8928) with Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK).

How to Run ProxySQL Against MySQL for Monitoring on CentOS 7

ProxySQL serves to monitor and filter; as a firewall all incoming requests from MySQL clients and decide where and how the query will be processed in the most efficient way. This is best appreciated in an environment where database servers are constantly being pinged with hundred of thousands of requests every other minute and optimization is required.


How to Install phpLDAPadmin on CentOS 7

Sometimes performing tasks may be so much easier on a GUI. phpLDAPadmin is an administration dashboard for managing the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol created using PHP programming language. It offers many awesome features such as the hierarchical tree view and advanced search view.


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